Flexterra Flexible TFT™ Technology

Truly Flexible Transistors for Truly Revolutionary Products.

Backed by over ten years of chemistry and physics R&D, Flexterra Flexible Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs) are at the core of our Digital Fabric Technology. These devices behave just like the transistors found in traditional electronics, but are also physically flexible. They can be easily used in standard display fabs, as well as with other advanced manufacturing techniques.


Enabling Flexible Electronics Products: For Real. At Scale.

Enabling Flexible Electronics Products: For Real. At Scale.

Borne out of over ten years of fundamental research in the chemistry and physics of flexible TFTs, Flexterra Flexible TFT™ technology is a revolutionary breakthrough at the intersection of science, engineering, and technology, all with one aim: to enable the production of flexible electronics products at scale.

The process starts with our proprietary ActivInk® materials, which we formulate and supply to partners. We then work closely with those partners to help them bring their flexible electronics products to market. Then, with the support of the SAES Group, Flexterra is able to provide its proprietary ActivInk® materials at commercial scale, enabling the real potential of fully flexible electronics.

Flexible Tablet Flexible Bodysuit

A New Era in Electronics. A New World of Possibilities.

Over the next few years, Flexterra Flexible TFT™ technology will enable the products that people have long wished for, and many they have not yet imagined: where devices are no longer hard, heavy, and cold, but soft, ambient, and organic–where the forms they take and the roles they play become more natural and more human. We’re excited to take you on this journey.